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Working title: Aegora



With the project, we want to focus on the climate changes we are all part of and which affect our planet in an unforeseen direction.

We want to contribute to knowledge sharing and information about the man-made consequences we face. Our ambition is to come up with a proposal for a future use of local and sustainable resources, which implemented in an architectural and artistic installation can create space for a positive narrative about our ecological crisis and how we can solve the same task.


The project aims to create a study of the local materials - including seaweed - in and around Odsherred, where the final construction and sculpture park will take place. The project is divided into two parts:

Phase 1: Sourcing of local and sustainable materials and resources. A collaboration has already been agreed with a local producer: Dansk Tang - which harvests local food in the area - but we initially want to add more possible materials and partners to the project's first phase. The purpose of surveys is to create a general overview and a geographical understanding of the local material deposits and depots.


Phase 2: will deal with processing and implementation of the selected materials in a construction. The studies of the local materials will be part of a longer processing and reconstruction of new material compositions with a focus on creating a module / building element that can function and be installed outdoors. The final solution will be included in the architectural proposal that will serve as the plan for the construction of the final sculpture.


Photo: Sketch by Baum & Leahy. Copyright


Photo: Sketch by Baum & Leahy. Copyright

Why – using speculative worlding for climate action

Our response to Goal 13: Climate Action draws on methodologies of  speculative worlding and material storytelling. Faced with the extremities of  climate change, we use these artistic approaches to emphasize the power of  collective imagination and future projections. Located in Annebergparken, where seaweed harvesting is already a thriving and growing business, Aegora will function as an artifact from this speculative world, which makes people think about our possible future relation-ship with seaweed as a means of  addressing climate action.

How – mapping the climate action potentials of seaweed

Over the next two years, we will engage in dialogue with local seaweed harvesters, with architects and designers, policy makers, and young people, to map out the making of Aegora and the seaweed driven world it inhabits. We will encourage work-shops and conversations about the climate action potentials of  seaweed as carbon sink, as biofuel, as food and fodder and as product and building material, and provide tools to draw and model possible sustainable systems based on these.


Who – engaging diverse communities across Odsherred

Since summer 2020, we have been in close dialogue with Claus Marcussen from Dansk Tang and recently also with Annette Rye Larsen and Ida Dam Juutilainen from Dansk Videnscenter for Tang, as well as Jakob Walløe from Geopark Odsherred. A genuine need from these local organizations is the continuous exploration of local ecologies, including seaweed, for climate action. With our sculpture, we wish to bridge the gap between the artistic and the scientific/business approach, and suggest that more sustainable – both environmental and aesthetic – systems will emerge from genuinely cross-disciplinary collaboration.


Amanda has an agreement with Vallekilde Højskole to be guest teacher on their seaweed design elective in spring 21. Addition-ally, she’s awaiting confirmation to teach the program ‘Skum-født’ at Nykøbing Skole, in which Rose would also co-run a workshop. In this program, we wish to inspire the children to imagine and build models for the city around Aegora. On the production part, we have initiated collaboration with designer Jonas Edvard, who has nearly 10 years of experience in working with biomaterials, including seaweed. His focus is particularly on how biomaterials can be aesthetically integrated into our systems with profound climate implications. We’re looking forward to establishing connections with other local people, in particular within architecture/city planning and politics.

Baum & Leahy

Baum & Leahy (Amanda Baum, DK, & Rose Leahy, UK,) is an artistic duo working across installation, sculpture, art direction, scenography and experience design.


Through art-science collaborations they open up, question and sensorialise scientific research into tactile, participatory experiences that melt between the feasible and fantastical. Since graduating from the Royal College of Art, Baum & Leahy have exhibited at renowned venues such as the V&A, Somerset House, SMK and MU Hybrid Art House. 

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