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The Center for Ny Nordisk Materialisme is based on 17 Goals on My Mind goal 9. Our sketch proposal stems from our research of what a sustainable art practice can look like. For this project, we take as our starting point the stone and its use, as this material is a pervasive element in human history - in art, on our roads, at our graves - in short, the stone is one of the earliest markers of human existence in the world and with others word: a prehistoric infrastructure.

Especially in these times where we are reconsidering what monuments we have standing in the public space and what stories they represent, the center wants to create a sustainable monument of social responsibility. We want to create a monument based on innovative methods that point towards a more sustainable industry. If Denmark is to be a pioneer country for a sustainable industry, it is important to look at what materials we use - and not least how we provide them. For example, many of the stones imported to Denmark are produced under obscene working conditions. In addition, CO2 emissions from the transport of ton-heavy products, which in the end cannot withstand the Nordic climate.



Our sculpture in Annebergparken will consist of "recycled stones". The recycling of stone is a more efficient use of resources and a cleaner and more environmentally friendly production method. At present, tombstones from gutted burial sites are e.g. primarily crushed and used for substrates during asphalting, while others end up as harbor reinforcement or similar construction work. It is our mission to find these stones for our sculpture around Odsherred municipality. Granite is an almost inexhaustible resource, but the procedure in a quarry has always been about going for the most beautiful stones first.


This has resulted in granite qualities and looks from previous generations that are virtually impossible to obtain today. In this way, our sculpture will save some of the beautiful ancient stones and connect the past with the future through this climate goal.


Photo: Center for New Nordic Materialism

Photo: Center for New Nordic Materialism

This is the basic form of the sculpture. The final design of the stones depends on which recycled stones we find in Odsherred. The shape of the sculpture is based on a geodetic hemisphere, but instead of letting the sculpture be dictated by the solid, geometric shape, it is the outcome of the manufactured stones that creates the dome's interplay. The size of the stone objects can vary from a full-grown torso at the bottom to a clenched fist at the top, which means that the "joints" between the stones vary.


In line with Olof Krarup's inscription in the memorial stone at Anneberg, our sculpture will carry an inscription that connects the stones. The text will i.a. tell about the origin of the stones, and run on the sides of the larger stones closest to the ground. It is our goal to develop a more "hand-written" font that will support the sculpture's organic elements and lead the mind to the concrete work of the hand with the work in stone.

The stones are connected by steel rods and together form a dome that is to represent the physical network of which it is composed. They support each other and depend on each other to create a cohesive shape. In the sculpture, the organic structures of the stones meet with the geometric expression of the steel and two hardnesses unite: The steel rods align to fit the stones, while the stones must be placed strategically in the network of steel. The connections between these materials are an example of an infrastructure, but it also means that this structure is not a closed system - because where do the stones come from?

It is our goal in collaboration with Natasja Ernst to plan how the citizens of Odsherred can be involved in our sculpture project. It can e.g. be that they help to find the recycled stones that the sculpture will consist of. The stone of the sculpture could be obtained through various citizens and actors in Odsherred. The innovation arises in the random encounter with another party, and we want in our sculpture to work with this principle of randomness in the provision of this crucial material - precisely to substantiate how open a system infrastructure really is.

We want to place the sculpture in one of Anneberg's green areas and preferably an open area that people can find themselves crossing. When enough people move away from a path and shoot a shortcut through an area, a "desire path" is created - a path created by the erosion humans and animals can create in nature as they choose the easiest path across an area.

Hannelie Coetzee

The Center for Ny Nordisk Materialisme is a newly started art project consisting of the visual artist Anna Walther and Kirke Meng.


The centre's overall mission is to develop and discuss concrete proposals on how the visual arts subject can adapt to a more sustainable future.


We build our methods on an experience-based basis and on the basis of site-specific meetings.

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